Ann Eliza Rosecrans


Wife of Union General William Rosecrans

At West Point, William Starke Rosecrans excelled in planning military maneuvers and he was considered brilliant in mathematics. He graduated from West Point in 1842, fifth in a class of 56 cadets, which included notable future generals such as Dana Harvey Hill, James Longstreet, and Don Carlos Buell.

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Civil War Cavalry Women

Evening Sun Photo by Brett Berwager A confederate Cavalry soldier rides with his bayonet after the 11 o'clock reenactment Saturday morning.

Women Who Served in the Civil War Cavalry

It is impossible to state with any certainty how many women served as cavalry soldiers in the Union and Confederate armies. The cavalry was considered more glamorous than infantry and artillery, but females who made it in the cavalry had to be excellent horsewomen, in addition to their other soldierly duties. Stories [Read More ...]

Cornelia Adele Fassett


Painter of Politicians and Officials in Washington DC

Cornelia Adele Fassett was an American artist known for her political paintings and portraits. Her most famous work, The Florida Case Before the Electoral Commission (1878), now hangs in the United States Capitol. Her paintings of the Supreme Court and Justices are in the art collection of the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Bliss Farm at Gettysburg


Hotly Contested Area on the Gettysburg Battlefield

Image: Bliss Farm
Markers in the distance honor the men who fought here and deliniate the site of the William Bliss Farm that once existed here. Mid-left, in front of the trees, honors the 14th Connecticut Infantry. The clump of earth behind it is the remains of the earthen ramp that once [Read More ...]

Mary Theodosia Palmer Banks


Wife of Union General Nathaniel Banks

Mary Theodosia Palmer was born October 16, 1819 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, the daughter of Jeduthan and Sarah Palmer. In her youth, Mary worked at the spinning frame in a Waltham textile mill, where she met Nathaniel Prentice Banks, son of one of the foremen there. Banks had attended a one-room school run by his [Read More ...]