Elizabeth Mendenhall


Civil War Nurse from Ohio

Elizabeth Mendenhall was one of the managers of the Soldiers Aid Society of Cincinnati, Ohio, which was financed mainly by monetary gifts from private citizens. When donations slowed to a trickle, Mendenhall helped organize a sanitary fair in 1863 to raise funds to care for the soldiers.

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Fanny Seward


Daughter of Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of State

The only daughter of Frances and William Henry Seward - Secretary of State under President Abraham Lincoln - Fanny Seward was a delicate young woman who dreamed of becoming a writer. She kept detailed journals of her life in Washington, DC during the Civil War.

Image: Fanny Seward with her father, circa 1861

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Civil War Nurses on Hospital Ships


Nurses on Hospital Ships in the Eastern Theater

Image: Sisters Georgeanna Woolsey and Eliza Woolsey Howland
Served on hospital ships during the Peninsula Campaign in Virginia (March-July 1862)

During the Civil War, the Union Army often used ships to move sick and wounded soldiers from Southern battlefields to general hospitals in Northern cities. Initially, government-run hospital transport [Read More ...]

Catherine Beecher


Writer and Advocate for Women's Education

Catherine Esther Beecher was a nineteenth century champion of education for women at a time when even wealthy women received minimal education. She educated herself through independent study, and established schools devoted to training women as teachers. Beecher believed that having women teach their own families was the basis for a well-ordered society.

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Emily Chase Warren


Wife of Union General Gouverneur Warren

Image: Emily Chase, soon to be Mrs. G.K. Warren
New York State Library

On St. Valentine's Day 1862, Emily Forbes Chase met Gouverneur Warren at a party in Baltimore, and they fell in love. She was twenty-one at the time. The couple were married on June 17, 1863, and two weeks later General [Read More ...]