Rhea County Spartans


Female Confederate Cavalry Regiment

In the summer of 1862, 30 young women banded together to form the Spartans with the purpose of supporting their men in the Confederate cavalry. Still active during Federal occupation, some were accused of spying and arrested, but were eventually released. Reconstruction was hard on them, and most of the women left the area [Read More ...]

Sallie Myers


Civil War Nurse at Gettysburg

Elizabeth Salome 'Sallie' Myers was born at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on June 24, 1842, the daughter of Peter and Mary Myers. Her father was a Justice of the Peace, and they were among the wealthier families in town. By 1863 Gettysburg was a thriving little community with 2,400 inhabitants, 190 of them African Americans.

At the [Read More ...]

Lucy Pickens


Queen of the Confederacy

Known during and after her lifetime as the Queen of the Confederacy, Lucy Pickens was described as "beautiful, brilliant and captivating" by her male contemporaries, and this perception of her helped shape the stereotype of the Southern belle.

Image: Lucy Holcombe Pickens in her 20s

Lucy Holcombe was born on June 11, 1832, on the Holcombe [Read More ...]

Louisa McCord


Writer and Plantation Mistress in the Civil War Era

Louisa Susanna McCord, political theorist, essayist, poet and book reviewer, was almost unique among antebellum southern women. Her published works fill two volumes and deal with subjects hardly touched by her female contemporaries. At the same time, she ran a plantation, supported her family and was the hard-hitting superintendent of an [Read More ...]

Eliza Frances Andrews


Novelist, Botanist and Educator

Eliza Frances Andrews (1840-1931) was a popular Southern writer whose works were published in popular newspapers and magazines, including the New York World and Godey's Lady's Book. Her longer works included The War-Time Journal of a Georgian Girl (1908) and two botany textbooks. Her passion was writing, but financial troubles forced her to take a teaching [Read More ...]

Jane Grey Swisshelm


Editor, Journalist and Newspaper Publisher

Jane Grey Swisshelm (1815–1884) was a journalist, publisher, abolitionist and women's rights advocate. She was active as a writer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and as a publisher and editor in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where she founded a string of newspapers and regularly wrote for them.

Jane Grey Cannon was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on December 6, [Read More ...]