Rebecca Wright


Virginia Spy for the Union

Rebecca McPherson Wright, a Union spy during the Civil War, was born near Winchester, Virginia in January, 1842. Her family was one of the few in Winchester who supported the Union. Her father, Amos Wright, died in a Confederate prison early in the war. Rebecca was a schoolteacher, and due to her Quaker beliefs, she [Read More ...]

Anna Jarvis


Founder of Mother's Day

Anna Marie Jarvis is the founder of the Mother's Day holiday in the United States. Her birthplace, known as the Anna Jarvis House, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. It was built in 1854 and is a two story, frame dwelling, which is also notable as General George B. McClellan's first [Read More ...]

Emma Holmes


Diarist in Charleston, South Carolina

Emma Holmes, a Civil War diarist and teacher, was born in 1838 in Charleston, South Carolina, to a plantation owner. During the Civil War, from February 1861 until March 1866, Emma kept a diary of her life in Charleston, the affairs of her family and history as she observed it. A true Confederate, like many [Read More ...]

Anna Dickinson


Abolitionist and Lecturer during the Civil War

Anna Elizabeth Dickinson was an abolitionist, writer, lecturer and advocate for women's rights. A gifted speaker at a very young age, she significantly influenced the distribution of political power in the Union just prior to the Civil War. She helped the Republican Party gain key positions in the hard-fought election campaigns of 1863, [Read More ...]

Eugenia Phillips


Confederate Spy in the Civil War

Born into an assimilated Jewish family in the South, Eugenia Phillips, like many Southern Jews, was a strong supporter of the Confederate cause. Beginning in 1861, Phillips aided Confederate spy networks and secretly passed material aid to Confederate troops. The family later moved to Georgia, where Phillips supposedly toned down her outspoken support of [Read More ...]

Frances Hook


Female Soldier from Illinois

Frances Hook was born in Illinois in 1847. When she was three years old, both her parents died, leaving her to be raised by her older brother. Frances and her brother were living in Chicago when the Civil War began.

Inscription below photograph:
'Fanny the soldier girl Exchanged by Genl Thomas at Chattanooga.'

She was [Read More ...]