Olivia Floyd


Confederate Spy and Messenger

Image: Olivia Floyd Marker

One of the more fascinating figures during the Civil War was Miss Olivia Floyd. She lived at a plantation house known as Rose Hill in Charles County, Maryland. Rose Hill was built in 1730, and was the former home of Dr. Gustavus Richard Brown, a physician to George Washington. In later years, [Read More ...]

Rose O'Neal Greenhow


Confederate Civil War Spy

Early Years
Born in Port Tobacco, Maryland, as a teenager Rose O'Neal moved from her family's Maryland farm to her aunt's fashionable boardinghouse in Washington, DC. Personable, intelligent, and outgoing, she adapted easily to the social scene of the capital, and people in Washington's highest circles opened their doors to her.

At the age of [Read More ...]

Belle Boyd


Confederate Spy in the Civil War

One of the most famous of Confederate spies, Belle Boyd served the Southern forces in the Shenandoah Valley, running her spying operations from her father's hotel in Front Royal, Virginia. Betrayed by her lover, Boyd was arrested on July 29, 1862, and again in June 1863. Finally released but suffering from typhoid, she went [Read More ...]

Pauline Cushman


Civil War Spy and Theater Actress

Pauline Cushman, a Union spy, was born Harriet Wood on June 10, 1833, in New Orleans and spent some of her early childhood there. Her father then moved the family to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Pauline did not like it there, and at seventeen she ran away to New York to become an [Read More ...]

Nancy Hart Douglas


Confederate Spy and Guerrilla Fighter

Nancy Hart, a Confederate spy and soldier, was born in 1846, in Raleigh, North Carolina. When she was an infant, her family moved to Tazewell, Virginia. Her mother was first cousin to Andrew Johnson, who became president after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

Image: Nancy Hart Douglas in 1862

In 1853, Nancy [Read More ...]

Belle Edmondson


Civil War Spy and Smuggler

Belle Edmondson ardently supported the Confederacy during the Civil War. She probably began smuggling supplies and funds to the Confederate army in 1862, after the fall of Memphis, and served as a Confederate agent throughout the war. In July 1864, she fled south, because the United States had issued a warrant for her arrest.

Isabella [Read More ...]