Salisbury Bread Riot


Civilian Women Protest During the Civil War

In the western Piedmont of North Carolina, residents of the town of Salisbury and Rowan County developed a work ethic and political values that were consciously in opposition to the perceived life of leisure practiced by the eastern planter class. Westerners valued hard labor and self-sufficiency. In the predominantly yeoman countryside, this self-reliant [Read More ...]

Bennett Place


Confederate Surrender in North Carolina

In 1846 at age 40, James Bennett, his wife Nancy and their three children settled on a 325-acre farm in north-central North Carolina that came to be known as Bennett Place. The family grew corn, wheat, oats, and potatoes, and raised hogs. James was also a tailor, cobbler, and sold horse feed, tobacco plugs and [Read More ...]

Lucy Lambert Hale


Fiancee of Lincoln Assassin John Wilkes Booth

In 1862, Lucy Lambert Hale began a romantic relationship with famous stage actor John Wilkes Booth. Another of her admirers was Robert Todd Lincoln, eldest son of President Abraham Lincoln.

Lucy Lambert Hale was born January 1, 1841, in Dover, New Hampshire, the second eldest daughter of John Parker Hale and Lucy Hill [Read More ...]

Vicksburg National Military Park


Site of the Battle of Vicksburg

The most impressive of the memorials at Vicksburg National Military Park is the Illinois Monument, which was modeled after the Roman Pantheon. On its walls are 60 bronze tablets which record the names of the 36,325 Illinois soldiers who participated in the Vicksburg campaign. The Shirley House, to the right of the monument, is [Read More ...]

Letitia Burwell


Civil War Civilian

Letitia Burwell was born on a plantation in Virginia and spent most of her life in the rural regions of that state. Her book, A Girl's life in Virginia Before the War (1895), records her memories of the antebellum South. Burwell's descriptions of life on the plantation are filled with pastoral scenes of a wealthy Virginia family [Read More ...]

Judith Carter Henry


First Civilian Casualty of the Civil War

At first, Americans viewed the Civil War romantically, as a great adventure. To many, it was a crusade of sorts that would be decided quickly, and would return both the North and South to a peaceful way of life, either as one nation or two. But events near the small Virginia community of [Read More ...]