Merry Christmas General Lee
By Mort Kunstler
December 25, 1862
It was a passing moment of cheer amid the harsh realities of war. General Robert E. Lee has attended a holiday dinner hosted by General Stonewall Jackson at Moss Neck Plantation near Fredericksburg, Virginia. General Lee is leaving the festivities, heading back to his winter headquarters.

During the Civil War, Christmas was celebrated in both the United States and the Confederate States of America although the day …Read More...

National Day of Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving dinner was held by the Pilgrims in October 1621, as a harvest festival in Plymouth Colony. President George Washington declared a day of Thanksgiving for the new nation in 1789, and another in 1795.

Image: Thanksgiving in Camp
Drawing by Alfred R. Waud
Thursday November 28, 1861

However, our national day of Thanksgiving came not from the Pilgrims, but from President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, and from Sarah Josepha …Read More...

Woman Telegraph Operator in Missouri

Louisa Volker became a Union telegrapher in Missouri during the Civil War. Her intelligence activities put her at risk of capture because Confederate raiders in the area often kidnapped the local telegrapher when they invaded a town, and forced him to intercept messages from, or send false reports to, the enemy.

Louisa Volker was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1838, the daughter of German immigrants. Her father Emanuel Volker was a grocer. …Read More...

Confederate Heroine from Alabama

Emma Sansom was living on her family's farm near Gadsden, Alabama in the spring of 1863. the Sansom household consisted of Emma's widowed mother, sister Jennie, 24, brother Rufus, 22, recuperating from wounds he had received in battle, and Emma, 15. She was described as an attractive young girl, with blue eyes and auburn hair.

Image: To the Lost Ford
By John Paul Strain
Emma Sansom and General Forrest

In April 1863, Confederate General …