Wife of Union General Alexander Hays

Annie Hays suffered the long separations from her husband that all wives of Civil War generals endured. However, letters from the front inspired these women to continue raising children, caring for homes, running farms, and operating businesses. Unfortunately, Annie's husband never made it home. He was killed at the Battle of the Wilderness on May 6, 1864.

Image: Into the Wilderness by Keith Rocco

Annie Adams Farrelly was born March 15, 1826 in Pittsburgh, …Read More...

Wife of Union General William Rosecrans

Ann Eliza Hegeman, the daughter of New York City judge Adrian Hegeman, was from an old and prosperous family. William Starke Rosecrans attended West Point, where he excelled in planning military maneuvers and he was considered brilliant in mathematics. He graduated from West Point in 1842, fifth in a class of 56 cadets, which included notable future generals such as Dana Harvey Hill, James Longstreet, and Don Carlos Buell.

Ann Eliza Hegeman attended …

Wife of Union General Nathaniel Banks

Mary Theodosia Palmer was born October 16, 1819 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, the daughter of Jeduthan and Sarah Palmer. In her youth, Mary worked at the spinning frame in a Waltham textile mill, where she met Nathaniel Prentice Banks, son of one of the foremen there. Banks had attended a one-room school run by his father's company, and then began working at the mill as a bobbin boy, responsible for replacing bobbins full of thread …Read More...

Wives of Generals Killed at Gettysburg

Image: Barksdale's Charge by Don Troiani
Confederate General William Barksdale - his hat off, his long white hair blowing in the wind - led his Mississippi brigade into battle to break the Union Line on the afternoon of July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg. This action would forever after be known as the grandest charge ever made by mortal man.

Narcissa Saunders Barksdale and the General's Dog
William Barksdale, senator turned …

Wife of Union General Gouverneur Warren

Image: Emily Chase, soon to be Mrs. G.K. Warren
New York State Library

On St. Valentine's Day 1862, Emily Forbes Chase met Gouverneur Warren at a party in Baltimore, and they fell in love. She was twenty-one at the time. The couple were married on June 17, 1863, and two weeks later General Warren was defending Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Emily Forbes Chase was born on September 16, 1840, …Read More...

Wife of Confederate Officer Sandie Pendleton

Early Years
Katharine Carter Corbin was born in July 1839 at the Laneville estate in King and Queen County, Virginia, the daughter of James Parke Corbin, whose family had lived in the Rappahannock River valley for generations. Richard Corbin succeeded Lord Dunmore and served as royal governor until the beginning of the American Revolution.

Image: Kate and Sandie Pendleton

Alexander Sandie Pendleton was born September 28, 1840, near Alexandria, Virginia, the only son …Read More...