Lovina McCarthy Streight


Wife of Union General Abel Streight

Lovina McCarthy Streight (1830-1910) accompanied her husband, Union Brigadier General Abel Streight in the Western Theater throughout the Civil War. Streight is best known for Streight's Raid through Tennessee and northern Alabama. His mission was foiled when CSA General Nathan Bedford Forrest surrounded the Union cavalry and took Streight and the majority of his [Read More ...]

Anna Wells


Wife of Union General William Wells

After his distinguished service in the Battle of Gettysburg, cavalryman William Wells began corresponding with 18-year-old Anna Richardson, his sister's roommate. He shared his experiences in the war, and she wrote about news from the home front. From this simple beginning, a romance blossomed, and on a furlough home in January 1865, William and [Read More ...]

Daniella Wheeler


Wife of Confederate General Joseph Wheeler

After the Battle of Chickamauga (September 1863) CSA General Joseph Wheeler and his troopers were sent into central Tennessee, where they destroyed railroads and at least 500 Union supply wagons. By October 9 Wheeler had safely crossed the Tennessee River at Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Daniella Jones Sherrod met Wheeler at her parents' home, Caledonia [Read More ...]

Elizabeth Saunders Taylor


Wife of Lt. Colonel Walter Herron Taylor: Aide to General Robert E. Lee

Elizabeth Selden Saunders was the daughter of United States Navy Captain John L. Saunders and Martha Bland Selden Saunders During the Civil War, she lived during the war with the family of Lewis Crenshaw in Richmond, Virginia, where she worked at the Confederate Mint and the Confederate [Read More ...]

Mary Jane Hale Welles


Wife of Union Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles

Mary Jane Hale was born June 18, 1817, in Glastonbury, Connecticut, the daughter of Elias White Hale and Jane Mullhallan Hale. Her father graduated from Yale College in 1794, and practiced law in Mifflin and Centre Counties, Pennsylvania.

Gideon Welles was born July 1, 1802, in Glastonbury, Connecticut. He was a [Read More ...]

Emilie Todd Helm


Wife of Confederate General Benjamin Hardin Helm

Half-sister of Mary Todd Lincoln, Emilie Todd Helm first came to the White House in December 1863, after the death of her thirty-two-year-old husband, Confederate General Benjamin Hardin Helm, in the Battle of Chickamauga. (Most of the children of their father's second marriage sided with the Confederacy.)

Emilie Todd was born November 11, [Read More ...]