Civil War Nurse and Wife of General E.R.S. Canby

Louisa Hawkins Canby, wife of Union General Edward Richard Sprigg (E.R.S.) Canby, was named the Angel of Santa Fe for her compassion toward the cold and wounded Confederate soldiers who occupied Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1862. She not only nursed the Rebel troops, but also showed them the location of the blankets and food her husband had ordered to be hidden before he and the Union troops left the city.


Second Wife of General James Longstreet

Helen Dortch Longstreet, known as the Fighting Lady, lived a long and eventful life. She earned her nickname as a champion of causes such as preservation of the environment, women's suffrage and civil rights for African Americans. She also spent a great deal of time and energy defending her husband's actions during the Civil War.

Helen Dortch, born on April 20, 1863 in Carnesville, Georgia, was the daughter of Mary Pulliam and James Speed …Read More...

First First Lady to Support Women's Rights

Caroline Harrison, the wife of President Benjamin Harrison, was First Lady from 1889 until her death. She is remembered for her efforts to refurbish the aging White House. Her public support of women's rights and higher education for women focused greater attention on those issue and promoted greater acceptance of a First Lady's political ideals.

Early Years
Caroline Scott was born on October 1, 1832 in Oxford, Ohio, the second daughter of …Read More...

First Lady and Wife of Union General Rutherford B. Hayes

Lucy Webb Hayes (1831-1889) was First Lady of the United States and the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes, but prior to his presidency, Hayes was a general in the Union Army during the Civil War. Lucy's kindness and great moral courage contributed greatly to her husband's successful military and political careers.

Image: Lucy and Rutherford B. Hayes
Circa 1877

Early Years
Lucille Webb, born August 28, 1831, …

Wife of Union Colonel Robert Gould Shaw

Annie Haggerty and Robert Gould Shaw met in 1861; they married in May 1863. Their time together was brief, but their letters sustained them through long separations while Robert served in the Union Army. Twenty six days after their wedding Colonel Shaw left to command the 54th Massachusetts Infantry, the first all-black regiment raised in the free states. Shaw is the principal subject of the 1989 film Glory, in which he is portrayed …Read More...

Wife of Union General Thomas Francis Meagher

Elizabeth Townsend was born in New York September 20, 1830, the daughter of Peter and Caroline Parish Townsend of Monroe, New York. Thomas Francis Meagher, born in Ireland August 3, 1823, was an Irish nationalist, an American politician and a Union Army general during the Civil War. In his younger years he was an Irish revolutionary, fighting for Ireland's independence from British rule.

Image: Louis Lang's Return of the 69th (Irish) Brigade, N.Y.S.M., …Read More...