Rose Farm


The Battle for the Wheatfield at the Rose Farm

The Pride of Erin by Dale GallonAt less than fifty yards, the men of Colonel Pat Kelly's famed Irish Brigade prepare to fire their first volley into General Joseph Kershaw's South Carolinians in the Wheatfield at Gettysburg.The farm of George and Dorothy Rose is south of Gettysburg on the [Read More ...]

Nicholas Codori Farm


Site on the Gettysburg Battlefield

Image: Nicholas Codori Farm
Emmitsburg Road
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The heaviest fighting at the Battle of Gettysburg took place around the buildings and in the fields and orchards of the area's farms owned by people whose lives were forever changed in July 1863. The Nicholas Codori Farm is on the east side of Emmitsburg [Read More ...]

George Spangler Farm


Site of a Union Field Hospital

On July 1, 1863, the George Spangler farm buildings were seized - the main house, summer kitchen and Pennsylvania bank barn. Based on the size of the buildings on the property, the farm's relatively protected position from enemy artillery fire, its supply of well water, the large and accessible farm fields and its promixity [Read More ...]

Sallie Robbins Broadhead


Civil War Nurse and Teacher

Image: Coming Rain
June 30, 1863
Dale Gallon, Artist
Brigadier General John Buford at McPherson's Farm
Buford and his brigade commanders, Devin and Gamble, discuss the impending battle.

Sallie Robbins Broadhead, a teacher in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, lived on the western end of Chambersburg Street in the end unit of a row [Read More ...]

African Americans of Gettysburg


Blacks in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Margaret Palm was a colorful character in Gettysburg's African American community during the mid-nineteenth century. She served as a conductor along the local branch of the Underground Railroad, earning the nickname Maggie Bluecoat for the blue circa-1812 military coat she wore while conducting fugitive slaves north. One evening, she was accosted by two strangers who bound [Read More ...]

Lydia Leister


Home Used as Union Headquarters at the Battle of Gettysburg

On July 1, 1863, Federal troops surrounded the Leister farm - it was in the crook of the fishhook battle line along Cemetery Ridge. When General George Gordon Meade chose the Leister house (image left) as the headquarters of the Army of the Potomac, Lydia and her children sought shelter [Read More ...]