Farm on the Gettysburg Battlefield

Gettysburg farmer James Leister died in 1859, leaving his wife Lydia Leister and five children, ranging in age from 21 to 3. In March 1861, the widow Leister purchased a nine acre farm on Taneytown Road from Henry Bishop, Sr. for the sum of $900. The property included a modest, wood frame house with a single fireplace, two rooms and a stairway that lead to a small loft.

Image: Restored Lydia Leister Farm today

Heroism and Sacrifice at Trostle Farm

In July 1863, the Trostle Farm south of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania was owned by Peter Trostle, but it was occupied by his daughter-in-law Catherine and her nine children. Her husband Abraham was incarcerated in the lunatic asylum. The Annual Report of the Board of Commissioners stated that: "Abraham Trostle has been confined and chained to his room for five years."

Image: Dead horses at Trostle Farm
This photo of the Catherine Trostle house was …

The Battle for the Wheatfield at the Rose Farm

The Pride of Erin by Dale GallonAt less than fifty yards, the men of Colonel Pat Kelly's famed Irish Brigade prepare to fire their first volley into General Joseph Kershaw's South Carolinians in the Wheatfield at Gettysburg.The farm of George and Dorothy Rose is south of Gettysburg on the eastern side of Emmitsburg Road. The farmhouse dates back to 1811 and was completed in its present form in 1824. …Read More...

Site on the Gettysburg Battlefield

Image: Nicholas Codori Farm
Emmitsburg Road
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The heaviest fighting at the Battle of Gettysburg took place around the buildings and in the fields and orchards of the area's farms owned by people whose lives were forever changed in July 1863. The Nicholas Codori Farm is on the east side of Emmitsburg Road just south of Gettysburg. The farmhouse is the same, except for the two story brick addition added in 1877. …Read More...

Site of a Union Field Hospital

On July 1, 1863, the George Spangler farm buildings were seized - the main house, summer kitchen and Pennsylvania bank barn. Based on the size of the buildings on the property, the farm's relatively protected position from enemy artillery fire, its supply of well water, the large and accessible farm fields and its promixity to Baltimore Pike, it was chosen as the site of the field hospital for the Union XI Corps with at …Read More...

Civil War Nurse and Teacher

Image: Coming Rain
June 30, 1863
Dale Gallon, Artist
Brigadier General John Buford at McPherson's Farm
Buford and his brigade commanders, Devin and Gamble, discuss the impending battle.

Sallie Robbins Broadhead, a teacher in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, lived on the western end of Chambersburg Street in the end unit of a row house called Warren's Block with her husband Joseph and 4-year-old daughter Mary. Sallie, a thin, plain-looking young woman, kept a …Read More...